Offshore Nuptial Customs

Chinese nuptial customs are a section of the culture, and there are a lot of things that you can do for making your wedding day a particular one. Coming from dressing up in traditional attire to reciting an ode to your ancestors and serving raw dumplings, there are plenty of interesting traditions to try out.

Dressing Up

The bride customarily wears a red marriage dress known as qipao, the symbol of happiness and good luck. She’ll also cover her experience with a red veil on the wedding day.

Tea Ceremony

In Chinese way of life, chinese guy dating tips the bride and groom serve dating a chinese girl their parents and parents with a distinctive tea before the wedding dinner. This can be an important custom as it shows all their respect and admiration for their individuals.

Guo Da Li

The Guo Da Li is an important wedding tradition where couple’s families meet to get the first time. During the commemoration, gift items are traded between the young families to show all their blessings for the brand new married couple.

Si Dian Jin

Throughout the Guo Ag Li, the groom’s spouse and children will present the bride with an heirloom called the “Si Dian Jin. ” That is a gift of 4 pieces of platinum that symbolizes the promise that the groom’s home will support and be careful of their daughter-in-law throughout her life.


During the past, a groom’s groomsmen would escort him to get the bride from her home after she got changed into her wedding gown. Then they wait for a male organ of the groom’s home to open the doorway before the soon-to-be husband can enter into.

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